Emperor.net was created by Matt Ingersoll, a former local Las Vegas radio personality and now casino professional more than 10 years ago. It was then "The Emperor's Guide To Las Vegas" and contained little more than a directory of activities open to Las Vegas locals and a collection of links. The Emperor's Guide To Las Vegas then changed to the more generic "Emperor.net".

Emperor.net is one of the longest continually running websites on the net. When first launched, there were little more than 5000 web sites on the internet, Prodigy was still a proprietary network, and the Sony Playstation had not yet been launched! Although Emperor.net has seen many faces, it has always been created and managed by Mr. Ingersoll.

Mr. Ingersoll has been interviewed several times by local and national media. Such interviews include: KLAV (a Las Vegas radio station) discussing the emerging web community; the renowned news network CNN; and once on Boston's WRKO morning show Blute & Ozone discussing the re-establishment of Las Vegas as "sin city," versus the family destination.

Click Here to read the CNN interview.

Press To listen to Mr. Ingersoll being interviewed on KLAV 1230AM; Las Vegas.

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A Windsor Based IBM PC is used to create and manage Emperor.net, which is located on it's own Unix server with dual dedicated T3 internet connections.

100% of the code used on Emperor.net is written manually, line by line, by the author. No aids or scripting tools are used. All images and content Copyright (C)&(P) 2009 Emperor Entertainment, All Rights Reserved.